How I Grew My Freelance Writing Business While Wearing My Pajamas

freelance writing business

As a solopreneur it’s challenging to efficiently handle all of the pieces of a growing business while also getting the work completed for our clients. We’re the business development, marketing, accounting, and production departments (and more) and some weeks it’s a wonder that we sleep, much less eat and exercise. Powered by caffeine, we go from meeting to meeting in […]

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Referral Networking Tips for Business Owners

Give referrals. You’ve got to give to receive. It’s the nature of the beast.

When I began my freelance writing business in 2010, I had only an incomplete LinkedIn profile and corporate contacts. My sphere of influence, my referral network, was virtually non-existent. I jumped feet first into the fire and learned about referral networking. It has been the lifeblood of my business. What is referral networking? Referral Networking is about building business relationships. […]

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Getting Started with Social Media for Business

Getting started with social media for business is about more than setting up accounts and posting updates. It is about building an audience for your brand, product or service. Small businesses typically start with a grassroots effort of asking their own network of friends and family to follow them on social media. Building a social media following takes time and […]

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