Which social media platform fits your brand?

Selecting “all” when building a social media presence for your business is one of the worst decisions you can make. Spend time where you are going to get the most benefit. Think about your target client and ideal referral partner as well as your products and services. You want to be marketing where your target clients will see you most. Even if you’re hesitant, the trend for many industries is to be on social media; it’s important to create a presence on a platform that fits your brand.

Which social media platform fits your brand?

  1. Facebook is used by brands interested in engaging with their audience. They share tips, company news, their own content (think blog posts), and inspirational quotes. They aren’t selling, they just want to build a relationship with their following.
  2. Twitter is an open platform best utilized by content creators and researchers. The best industries for this platform are those related to marketing, public relations, freelancers and others who create and share content.
  3. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for professionals seeking to build business relationships with other professionals. Think financial advisors and estate planners, or real estate agents and mortgage brokers.
  4. Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook. While it hasn’t taken off as a mainstream social media platform, there is great value for businesses to use it. Having a Google+ presence increases where your website comes up on search engine results. Utilize hashtags and keywords to increase the search-ability of your site.
  5. Pinterest is essentially an online bulletin board where brands can showcase their products and services. It’s a visual platform that is growing in popularity as a brand marketing tool.

Understanding the differences in social media platforms will help your brand succeed online. Social media, whether we like it or not, is an essential part of marketing planning. Contact us if you’re not sure where to start and we can provide guidance as well as social media experts to help you succeed branding your business online.

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